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Flammable Liquid Safety Cans


With hundreds of New Zealand businesses decanting flammable liquids everyday, these solutions offer safe and reliable storage when doing so. Accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting your staff and resulting in a safer working environment. Safety cans and containers are designed with safety codes in mind to meet a variety of different global safety regulations.

These containers meet NFPA and OSHA standards, most are FM Global approved and/or Underwriters Laboratories listed, and many models carry worldwide acceptance with TUV certification. They serve several important functions:

  • Contain hazardous liquids, controlling vapors to reduce the risk of fire and protect users
  • Comply with OSHA regulations
  • Make your job easier by improving productivity - engineered with features that promote efficient pouring and filling operation
Flammable Safety Can - Type 1, 4L
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Flammable Plunger Can, 1L
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Flammable Plunger Can, 2L
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Flammable Safety Shelf Can - 19L
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Oily Waste Can, 23L
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Oily Waste Can, 38L
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